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How I Style Faux Leather Pants/Leggings


How I Style Faux Leather Pants/Leggings

How I Style Series!

In the previous blog post, I shared my “Top 10 Winter Wardrobe Staples”. So, if you haven’t read that post, please click here. After creating the list, I thought it would be helpful to offer a look book of how to style the items. However, most of the items on that list are things many already own and probably wear on a regular basis. For that reason, I decided to take another route.

Recreating fashion looks is a pastime hobby I’ve always enjoyed. Hence, my slight addiction to Pinterest. Follow me here. For this reason, I thought it would be a great idea to create a series styling some of my favorite wardrobe pieces. So, for those who are in search of style inspiration, I’d love to help.

The item I selected from “My Top 10 Winter Wardrobe Staples” is one that I believe is a must have but can also be a challenge to put together for some. The leather trouser. While this may not be what you personally consider to be a necessary addition to your closet, I do believe that I can change your mind. Once you have learned the various ways that to style them and the many places you could wear them, it’ll be a piece of cake. In addition, I’ll show you three simple ways that you can wear a pair of (faux) leather pants/leggings and most importantly, get your money’s worth from this trendy piece.

Where would I wear leather pants?

So happy you asked. Leather trousers can take you from the office as well as a night out with the girls. That is to say, if you work in a more business casual environment. If not, you can certainly wear your leather pants to dinner, for date night, to brunch, or wherever. In other words, these pants will for sure take wherever you need to go. Above all, they’ll take your basic look up a notch.

To further demonstrate how you can incorporate a pair of leather trousers into your wardrobe, I’ve created the following options below.

Dont fret, certainly there’s still time!

Now that Spring is fast approaching, it is safe to say, you can begin incorporating the lighter pieces into your wardrobe. Most importantly, there is still more than enough time to strut your stuff in a pair leather pants or leggings.

In short, I hope these simple looks have inspired someone. If so, I’ve added a few fabulous options for purchase below. Hopefully, I’ve convinced you all to invest in a pair! Lastly, if you all would be interested in a post on how to transition your winter wardrobe into spring, let me know in the comment section.

Meanwhile, interested in more style inspiration? Don’t be shy, shoot me your questions in the comment section or via my contact page. I’ll be happy to further assist!

For one last option click here.

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  1. Senora says:

    You look amazing in the leather with the fur jacket! You should be a model!!

    Also, what do you think will go well with the wide leg leather pants?

    1. Thank you darling! A great blouse with pair perfect with the wide leg pants!💋

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