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How Self Care Relates To Self Love

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How Self Care Relates To Self Love

“Three things will last forever—faith, hope, and love—and the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:13

Self care has been a heavy topic lately. While self care is important, self love is the true essence. So, why does it seem as though there is a greater emphasis on self care as of late? There are countless articles, courses, master classes, social media posts, and anything you can think of all related to the subject. Could it be that as people we have drained ourselves by the constant need to be on the go, in the know, hustle hard, be that “one”, get to the top, and at the same time making ourselves available to all things, to everyone, at anytime? Whew. Sounds exhausting, right?

There is a common knowledge that love is choice not just a feeling. So keep that in mind when you think of yourself and how you care for you. The act of self care is the presence of self love. This is not a selfish act, but crucial for survival. It is a necessary step in order to get the best run out of the one and only life you have to live.

Where should I start?

The older I get the more I begin to understand the importance of self care and can appreciate quiet time or time alone. When you can love yourself well, is when you can best love others. It’s easy to care about everything and everyone around you but you have to put yourself first in the equation. By doing so, you’ll effortlessly have grace and mercy for others.

How you treat people is a reflection of what is on the inside of you (your heart). If I am short and snapping on others, I’ve realized that there is usually something more going on because this is not my norm. Most likely I’m feeling depleted, whether if it is because of the person I’m short with or just because I haven’t taken the proper time and or care for myself.

To promote a healthier lifestyle of self love, start with creating a weekly regimen or a “self care” calendar to help keep this a priority in your life. Then make a list of things you enjoy and schedule a day or time to indulge. Everything doesn’t have to cost.

Some things I like to do for myself to promote self love/self care are:

  1. Pray #1- I pray about everything! Prayer calms me and gives me a sense of gratitude and peace. It calms any anxiety or frustration that may arise when things seem to be a little chaotic
  2. Retreat to a quiet place- Jesus often did this to reclaim his peace and gain clarity and from God
  3. Disconnect from social media
  4. Binge watch my favorite shows or movies & eat my favorite meal or snacks
  5. Beauty treatments
  6. Treat myself to something nice I’ve been wanting

Self love & self care is an ever revolving necessity in life. There will be times for you to sit back and reflect on how you are loving you, or whether or not you have pulled away from choosing you. There are also times where you will need to retreat in order to renew and rejuvenate. Whatever this looks like for you, only you can make decisions on what renewal process best fits you. To conclude, own your own happiness. When you lack self love, you look for it in other people and things. People and things cannot create your happiness, your happiness starts with you.
In short…
-Implement your self-care routine often
-Enjoy the relationship with yourself
-Take a deep breath & don’t sweat the small stuff

What are some ways you all like to practice self care? Also, what tips and tricks do you have to implement self care in your routine? Let’s chat in the comments below!

Give yourself what everybody else is requiring….Your time, Your
‭‭heart, & Your love!

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