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My 7 Must Have Travel Essentials

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My 7 Must Have Travel Essentials

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.
-Susan Sontag

Summer is flying by fast! Most people have already dived into their summer travels. If not, are soon planning to. I myself have a few places on my list. Vacations are always fun and quite necessary in my opinion. However, preparing for your summer travels can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially if you’re traveling with children. So, I wanted to help with the tedious task of preparing for your trip and still remain organized. To do this, I created a shopping guide for my 7 must have travel essentials.

As much as I love to travel I am not too crazy about the packing portion of the venture. There’s always a struggle of what and what not to bring and then where to place it all. If it was left up to me, I would bring everything but the kitchen. Also, organization is very important to me and will save you loads of headaches while traveling. I’d rather enjoy every part of the process rather than be exhausted from the preparation because packing was a complete headache. For that reason, I developed a simple yet helpful list to get you ahead and have less concern with the process of getting there and more with what joy you will have once you arrive to your destination. So here are my 7 must have travel essentials.

Travel Essentials

My 7 Must Have Travel Essentials

1. Luggage Organizer Cubes

This set of packing cubes are perfect for organizing your clothing and better utilizing the limited space in your luggage. I love these cubes because you can organize your clothes in the cubes by outfit or category for example; tops, bottoms, undergarments, & etc. Tip: pack an empty cube in your luggage to place all of your dirty pieces keeping them separate from the clean.

Purchase Here: eBags Hyper-Lite Travel Packing Cubes

2. Passport Holder/ Travel Wallet

Whether you’re are traveling domestically or internationally, a passport holder or travel wallet is perfect for keeping all of your important items secure and organized. Not only will a passport holder keep your passport in pristine shape but it will also keep your ID, credit cards, boarding passes, and money all together. A travel wallet does the same only without the section for your passport.

Purchase Here: GDTK Leather Passport Holder Cover Case RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

3. Large Tote Bag

This is my absolute number 1 necessity for travel. Typically, when flying you’re are only allowed to bring on the plane your carry-on luggage and one personal bag. So this works perfect for packing all of your flight needs. I usually place a small handbag inside of my tote along with other travel necessities such as my iPad, snacks, hand sanitizer, wipes, lotion, makeup, and everything else I couldn’t fit into my luggage.

Purchase Here: Scarleton Stylish Reversible Tote Handbag for Women, Vegan Leather Shoulder Bag

4. Sweater/ Light Jacket

A sweater or light jacket is pretty mandatory for me. Planes are freezing cold and it always seems as if the person next to me needs their fan on, only making it worse. So, needless to say, I am always prepared for this. Also, it can double up as a blanket or pillow for your nap. Win, win!

Purchase Here: Airplane Mode Travel Vacation Airport Sweatshirt

Purchase Here: Cute Vacay Mommy and Me Mother & Daughter Family Vac

5. Jewelry Organizer

Purchase Here: Vlando Small Faux Leather Travel Jewelry Box Organizer Display Storage Case for Rings Earrings Necklace

This is my latest found gem! They are perfect for travel, a jewelry box on the go. There are sections for any piece of jewelry you own and they come in various sizes. Keeping your precious gems safe and in their place. Prior to getting one of these, I used to pack my jewelry in a small ziplock bag. It did the job however, my small delicate necklaces and earrings would often get all tangled together. But not anymore!

6. Cosmetic Bag/Organizer

If you are a makeup wearer, you understand the need for one of these. I don’t travel with a lot of makeup, only my must haves. But, makeup organizers can hold all of your favorites along with sections for your brushes. Keeping all of your makeup safe and away from your clothing. This is a life savor! You can purchase travel makeup bag/organizers in many different styles and sizes. Whatever fits your needs.

Purchase Here: Suggee Mini Makeup bag Travel Small Cosmetic Bag Beauty Case for Women

7. Portable Charger

Maybe you are blessed enough to be on a plane that provides a place to charge your device, many times I have not. That is why a backup portable charger is crucial. If you are anything like me, you’re probably on one or all of your devices the entire plane ride to your destination. Most Likely, draining all the life out of your batteries.

Purchase Here: POWERADD Pilot 2GS 10000mAh Portable Charger, Upgraded 3.4A Output Power Bank Compatible with iPhone iPad Samsung Phones and Tablet

I hope with sharing my 7 must have travel essentials that it has helped make preparation less time consuming for your next trip. If anything, hopefully I encouraged you all to get more organized for the occasion. If so, I guarantee packing will be much easier. Some of these items have truly elevated my travel experience. Now, what are some of your travel essentials? Please share them in the comments, your tips and tricks may help someone else!

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  1. Senora Sims says:

    Oh I’m getting all of the 7!
    Thank you kindly

    1. Oh, Great!!! You will not regret it!❤️

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