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8 Back To School Basics Featuring

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8 Back To School Basics Featuring

It sounds bizarre to say but school is back in full effect. Where exactly did the time go? It was strange to actually see school supply displays out the following week of the Fourth of July! What happened to the days when summer break was long and school was an after thought until the brisk cool mornings arrived? I can vividly remember being so excited the night before, precisely laying out my new outfit for the first day. Now those were the days!

Things have truly changed from, dare I say, twenty years ago. Slightly cringing. 😩 However, I know school shopping and preparing can get a little hectic at times, especially considering how quickly this time has come about. Needless to say, I’m here to help you all prepare for the return of early morning rising and late evenings studying at the library. So, in order to do so, I’ve come up with 8 back to school basics from Hopefully this will give a good jumpstart to your 2019-2020 school year wardrobe.

8 School Wardrobe Basics

The key to a great wardrobe is having items that are able to be worn several ways and that will also pair well with one another. With these 8 back to school basics from, you will be able to interchange each piece and create several different outfits. This list should be a great start to keep your wardrobe current and functional. Just add your favorite accessories to the mix and you’re good to go!

Remember, basics are the foundation to any great wardrobe. These pieces are not meant to replace your current wardrobe but to give you the ability to create new looks and outfits that are interchangeable. These 8 basics will give any student a good jumpstart to the school year. Additionally, these 8 back to school basics can be found anywhere for any budget. Any of these 8 basics pieces are a great addition. Which are your favorites?

3 Ways To Style These Basics

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