“Purpose, the reason something is done or created or for which something exists.

Power of the P U… If you are a Jay Z fan, then you know the song! Now that I have your attention I can further explain. When I think Power of the “P” I am thinking of the Power of Purpose! Whenever I think about my purpose I think about all of life’s greatest experiences and the path that has lead the way. Before educating myself on what purpose truly meant, that “P” word used to really make me cringe. I assumed everyone other than me were just out in the world fulfilling their life’s purpose. I had the idea that if someone’s life aligned with society’s standards, they for sure were living out their life’s purpose. However, I gained a great sense of peace once I learned the real truth.

The Journey

Let me elaborate. All throughout my 20’s nothing I pursued, career wise at least, fulfilled me. There were quite a few professions I took a shot at. I attended cosmetology school but hated standing over other people’s head all day and the salon environment was not my vibe. Plus, I’d rather be the one getting pampered. I started community college to be a nurse because it paid well, and it seemed as though everyone I knew was in nursing school. I thought surely this would be my purpose because I loved helping people. However, I was pregnant with my son and knew eventually I would have to miss a lot due to maternity leave. So I took an eight month certification course to become a medical assistant in order to prepare me for nursing school as well as have a job to provide for my son. Unfortunately, I learned how squirmish I am and quickly realized neither medical assistant or nursing would ever work for me.

The Lesson

“Never let the noise of other people drown out your inner voice.”

There were plenty of other fantastic ideas I pursued such as, starting a clothing boutique with my best friend, applying to fashion design school only to get denied (twice). Once the boutique didn’t work out, me and my best friend even attempted to start a business selling lace front wigs. This was in the early 2000’s before wearing wigs were even a thing so just imagine how those wigs looked! Done laughing?

Eventually, I settled with the idea that I will spend 30+ years working at my government job that made decent pay with great benefits. However, this idea never sat well with me. I always knew that I was destined to do more and be more. The only thing is I didn’t know what “more” was. So for many years I continued to have this immense nagging feeling that there is something else for me to do. Something that would fill my soul and fuel my passion. At the same time, I was positive it would have some form of connection with helping people, but in what facet? Ultimately, time led me to really start searching deep within to learn myself. It was time to truly discover me and not who society or religion says I should be, it was time to learn what made up Artivia. My likes, my dislikes, what makes me happy, what brings joy to my spirit, and what disturbs it. That is the moment I truly realized I am finally on the path towards finding my purpose.

The Power of Purpose can open up many doors of opportunities but most importantly provides the fulfillment our hearts desire. I also must add, purpose is never about you and your needs but what you can contribute to this world to help others. If you are still searching for signs that’ll guide you towards your purpose, don’t feel bad. I believe it is a life long journey of learning your purpose and throughout this journey different pieces of the puzzle are revealed. I get chills when I reflect on all of the things that I have pursued or personal struggles I’ve overcome to get to where I am today. If I can help, inspire, motivate, or encourage just one person to pursue their purpose I know I am walking in mine

Let’s continue the discussion in the comments. Can anyone else relate to that nagging feeling where you just know you’re destined for more? Or, do you feel that you are already fulfilling your life’s purpose? I’d love to know.

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