Cheers to the weekend! Recently, we’ve had a glimpse of Fall weather here in Atlanta. Rainy days with cooler temps are a sure sign Autumn is on the horizon. Fall is no doubt my favorite season of the year. Mainly, because I myself am a fall baby. Secondly, in my opinion, fall is the season with the most fabulous fashions! Wouldn’t you agree? Lastly, let’s not forget that fall is officially boot season and who doesn’t love a great statement pair of OTK (over the knee) or sexy ankle heeled boots?

Of course I cannot forget that Fall is the official season of football, late night bon fires, apple picking, and those pumpkin lattes everyone seems to be crazy about. I can truly go on and on when it comes to all of the beautiful attributes of fall. In this blog post I wanted to share my current favorite trends for the season and a few great additions to start your 2020 Fall wardrobe. Recently, I purchased a few pieces from Zara that will help to transition my current summer items on over to Autumn territory.

Transitional Clothing

Learning how to transition your wardrobe from season to season will ultimately protect your pocketbook. These days most of us are living in loungewear and fuss free fashion. Whether it’s due to working from home or the extra Covid pounds, comfort is a newfound priority. Zara has not missed the mark when it comes to this trend. I was instantly smitten with their latest athleisure contour line and co-ord sets. Like many people, I’ve been living in cute, stretchy one-pieces, leggings, and cycling shorts with matching tops! So there should be no surprise when I tell you that I will continue to reside in cute loungewear sets for fall and most likely the remainder of the year.

With a few key items on hand, transitioning from summer to fall should be a breeze. These are the rare days of the year where you pretty much have a free range to wear anything. Take your favorite summer top, add a pair of ankle boots and you’re all set! If it gets cooler throughout the day or at night, throw on a blazer or leather moto-jacket.

Here are a few items I purchased from Zara to get my Fall wardrobe started. Some items displayed may no longer be available.

Wearing Zara Contour bodysuit and Contour leggings

According to the calendar, fall begins on September 22. Which is literally this coming Tuesday. Nevertheless, depending on where you live, the weather may take a minute to actually catch up. Either way, the items from Zara are a good start and will carry you until the hawk comes through (that’s a saying us northerners use for colder weather).

Let me know if you will be purchasing any of the items listed above. Also, share any tips you have for getting the most wears out of your seasonal clothing. Stay tuned for my upcoming Lookbook to see how I style the items above and a couple of items I just received.

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