Top Fall Must-Haves

I’m returning with another reason why I love this season so dearly. Therefore, I hope you guys are not completely over all of my Fall antics because there is just too much goodness for me not to share and I’m just getting started! With that being said, on this blog post I am sharing My Top Fall Must-Haves. These are items that I run to each and every year as soon as the temperature drops. If you missed my first blog post of the season, Transition Your Summer Wardrobe To Fall, please check it out now and tell me what you think!

When I think of Autumn, I get all cozy inside. I think about sitting around a fire with warm apple cider making s’mores. I start craving fresh pomegranates and caramel apples, I can just taste them now. There are so many awesome things this season brings that contributes to a boost in my mood.

Everyone Has Their Favorites

Needless to say, it doesn’t completely feel like Fall to me without my favorites. I believe the items I’ll share with you all in this post are a necessity for me and go to’s for many others this time of the year. So enough chatting. Let’s get to this list!

Top Contenders

  • Navy/Maroon nail polish (any dark colors)- As much as I adore a fresh white mani all summer long, Fall is the time to put it away. But this is ok, because I have my go to fall nail colors which is normally dark navy and maroon. However, thanks to quarantine, I’ve recently become a fan of press on’s. Yes, they’re back in ladies! This pair of Kiss Glam Fantasy nails caught my attention and now I think I’m addicted. The dark nude, festive glitter and chrome are so on trend
  • Pumpkin scented candles- It’s a total vibe! What better way to get into the Fall mood than to light up a pumpkin scented candle? I by no means like pumpkin flavored anything but these candles from Bath and Bodywork does it every time for me.
  • Dark maroon lipstick or lipgloss- Similar to my nails, I love to switch up my light lip colors to a darker hues in Autumn like this liquid lipstick by Kay Von D. Sold at
  • OTK boots- Over the knee boots are a closet staple for me. So this pair from Steve Madden was definitely a must have this season. Dark camel and chocolate brown are the color of the year so obviously this Patent pair wasn’t a difficult choice.
  • Faux leather pants/leggings- These are my go to when I’m over denim and want to put away the basic leggings to step it up a notch. Check out the details of my latest pair here.
  • Stylish Hat- I can’t get enough of this piece. But beware of over-accessorizing when putting together your outfits. Just simply add this leopard print hat to any basic outfit and stand out immediately without trying too hard!

So there you have it! I hope you all found inspiration from this list. All of the items listed above are affordable and can be found for every budget. If any of these items listed are your go to for Fall I would love to know! Also, feel free to share your Must-Haves for the season, new and old, in the comment section so I can indulge more! 😉

Disclaimer: This post is part of an affiliate program, if you make a purchase through certain links on this site, I may be compensated. This is NOT at any additional cost to you.

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