“No white after Labor Day?….Never!”

Cooler days are now upon us! So what does this mean for the all wonderful summer pieces you didn’t get to strut in due to the Rona? Now, most of those light weight airy pieces are going to have to make way for the more heavier structured layers. However, don’t pack away all of your white garments just yet! I’m going to show you how to wear them through the cooler months. Not sure? Continue reading and I’ll tell you how.

There are no rules in fashion

White after Labor Day is no longer considered a faux paux. Actually, this has been the case for many years now. However, there are many whom will still consider it to be a fashion no, no. So, I’m here to show you how you can totally pull off wearing white all year round. To start, knowing how to style white throughout the year is all about knowing the color combos that work together as well as appropriate layering techniques. You will find that proper layering can take your look to new heights.

Ways to incorporate white into your Fall/Winter wardrobe

Adding a cute black faux leather jacket over all white with accessories such as a black belt, black booties or pumps. Another great way to incorporate white all year can be with your outerwear. It’s a sure statement piece to have a white wool coat, or leather moto-jacket in your wardrobe. Also, it is a great step for those who are uncomfortable being a little more bold like wearing white pants, skirts, shoes, and etc. Nevertheless, pulling off white all year consists of knowing that there are specific fabrics and shades of white that are more appropriate for the fall and winter months. For example, if you’re not lounging on the sandy beaches in the Maldives, a bright white linen co-ord will not suffice. First, the freezing temps will cut through your linen like the iceberg on the titanic. Lastly, it just looks plain awkward.

For more confirmation that white in cooler months can be done and done well, I’ve chosen two of my favorite bloggers who have recently showcased their impeccable style while wearing head to toe white. First, there’s Jenee from High Low Luxxe.

Jenee is shown here wearing a beautiful white wrap dress, which is a closet staple, paired with lovely bone colored boots, and a lovely bag that is also a part of her collection with Amazon. Not only is Jenai showing how simple it is to wear white in cooler temps but she is also displaying how to effortlessly pull it off. Check out her new collection with Amazon here.

Last but certainly not least, here’s Camille who has a blog called Guilty of Glitz. She is strutting head to toe white as well with one if my favorite color combinations. White pants and a white sweater or turtleneck top is a great way to take a light color and make it work in cooler weather. Check out her blog for more great looks!

In closing, you don’t have to be a fashion expert to wear white well, just simply know what works for you. Fashion is all about expressing oneself through personal style. There are truly no rules in fashion other than to just be confident. Confidence is a key factor! Never limit your own style by adhering to rules that don’t exist. For those that will certainly be rocking white all year long, I will love to hear how in the comments below. For those who are still unsure, maybe this will help you get comfortable with the thought.

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