Featuring All Black Owned Businesses

I want to keep the ball rolling with supporting black owned businesses. I created a quick gift guide for the ladies featuring black owned brands. With only 16 calendar days left before Christmas, it is officially crunch time. If you are like me, chances are you procrastinate until the last minute. As a result, you then are stressed out on Christmas Eve attempting to finish all of your shopping.

This blog post is solely for the ladies. Sorry fellas! Being a woman myself, and one who loves a gift or two, or three, or more. I was confident that this list would be an easy one. Nevertheless, I caught myself getting a little excessive with the task. The list began to mirror my own personal wish list. So, I snapped back into reality and remembered the actual purpose of the gift giving series. To gift others. Only then was I able to reassess and come up with a pretty balanced gift guide for the special lady in your life. Every item featured is sold by a black owned woman business. Enjoy!

The Self Care Queens

Keep it Kute

The Candle Snobs

Forvr Mood

Send Moods Instead

The Comfy Chic Chicks

Fancy Homebody Loungewear Boutique

The Shoe Lovers

Twelve AM Co.

Titan – Brown

The Statement Makers

Ella Elisque

Strapless Sensation- Wine

The Luxury Queen

Sac De Lux

Dior Book Tote

I truly hope this list will take off a bit of the stress from your Christmas shopping and you are able to relax and actually enjoy your holiday! Maybe you’re like a lot of others, and not doing much this year. Don’t feel pressured to spend money where it isn’t necessary. Considering our current climate, the gift of life and the ability to spend time with those who you love is more than enough. Whatever plans you have, hope you all have a great day and remain safe! XOXO 💋

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