I’ve always been a woman who enjoys getting all dolled up when leaving the house, even without anywhere to go. Before we had such great choices in loungewear, my go to look would start with my favorite pair of jeans and a cute top/bodysuit. Then I’ll begin to add layers by throwing on a cute blazer or leather jacket along with a pair of bomb heels or boots. Simple right?

Fast forward to today, I’m lucky to even fit into a pair of my old jeans and less likely to go much of anywhere to wear them. For this very reason, companies such as Zara, have cleverly strategized another way to get our coins. Or am I just speaking for myself? Recently, while browsing the website, I decided to order a few new loungewear sets. Let’s face it, it’s the biggest trend today and one that I’ll happily partake in.

Loungewear but make it fashion!

If you know me then you are surely aware that Zara has always been one of my favorite places to shop!  Their classic timeless pieces and wide variety of wardrobe basics always keeps me coming back. Not to mention, the quality and price point ratio. I know there are some people, including myself, who may gripe about their sizing but I’ve learned how to maneuver through it. At times, you just may have to go up a size or two. Awkward pause.

Nevertheless, they have been coming through for the ladies in the loungewear department!  The latest loungewear sets at Zara are on trend, super cute, and most importantly, comfortable! They have an awesome variety of styles in beautiful colors for the Spring and Summer. Zara has definitely made it a lot easier to get dressed while staying at home and remain comfortable without looking homeless.

My Loungewear Picks From Zara

New On My Wishlist

Just like with Zara, many other fast-fashion brands have really been making sure we as consumers are catered to when it comes to the WFH lifestyle. This is the new-norm for most people so why not capitalize on it. 

Target loungewear

This blog post will be the first of two clothing hauls purchased from the International Spanish brand. Don’t be surprised if there’s more. Simply because Zara has been pushing through and their latest collections have been phenomenal. So, I’m sure the fast approaching Summer collection will not disappoint.

Lately, I’ve been working on building up my Spring/Summer wardrobe. Because let’s face it, we’re going outside this year! I’m talking brunches, lunches, shopping trips, happy hours, vacations and anything else that can increase our happiness and still remain within Covid guideline safety measures.

I am certainly mindful of how much loungewear I do stock up on because my ultimate goal is to get back to my pre-covid self. That being, wearing the things I enjoyed wearing before the pandemic. Living in leggings and joggers day to day has the ability to give a false sense of self. Translation, I need to keep track of how many pounds I’ve accumulated!

See anything you like? Let me know in the comment section if you’re also picking up all the cutest loungewear you can find. Or, if you’re back to your pre-covid wardrobe. For more fashion inspiration you can always check me out here and here.

Until next time loves!

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